Hello Papyrus.

The Machine of the Future! ROBOTS!!!!!!

by V.A.May Kat


        Presenting the machine of the future. (drum roll please)...                   ROBOTS!!!!!!! That will take care of the pets that take over the world when humans go extinct! Did you know about the Canadarm and how it got better? This is another cool fact and it’s about scout robots.  Or, did you know, that a robot could have a soul or be a mother?! Read on to find out more about the terrific, amazing, and talented MACHINE OF THE FUTURE!!!! ROBOTS!!!!!!!!

History of IT

        Have you ever wondered HOW the robot has improved over time? Well, one great example is the Canadarm. So, according to May, Sandra at www.nasa.gov, NASA has been using robotic hands to many things. They made the Canadarm, then improved it with the Canadarm2. Both of them can do many jobs, like release and recover satellites. They were in fact used to recover the Hubble space telescope for it to be fixed. They will work with the space shuttle to make a space station and will also move astronauts along on spacewalks. Also they can move along different parts of the space ship. Then a robotic arm named Dextre can do smaller jobs. This is totally awesome… Yay… a robotic arm.


How IT Works

        I have always wondered about what does a robot do? Here are the NASA scout robots are here to explain one of the many jobs of robots. So according to May, Sandra at www.nasa.gov, scout robots can check and explore new areas. They will also take photos and measure the terrain to look for dangers, and find safe places to walk, drive or stop. In space they can help astronauts work quickly and safely. Also with humans and robots working together, it is easier to study new and other worlds. So, now you know about the scout robots.


Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        WHAT!? A robot can be a mother! Are you kidding me! So according to Stock, Matthew at www.reuters.com, people have been creating robots that act like mothers. This robot will make it’s own children, and then tests their performances. The information collected from observing the child is then analyzed. The important traits are then passed on to the design of the next generation. It works a lot like evolution, because she will let go of the weak ones. I like it because robot evolution is awesome! So now you know about the motherly robot.      

        How realistic does a robot have to be to seem to have a soul? According to Moss, Laura at www.mnn.com, there is a man named Hiroshi Ishiguro, and he made robots so realistic, they could literally pass for a human. Some may have a couple of glitches, like one forgetting to introduce itself, they are still super realistic. They will actually move their lips to a voice over, so it looks like they’re really speaking. They will even tilt there head and do other gestures as well. It just seems like they have a soul, or something. So, now you know about Hiroshi Ishiguro’s Geminoids.

        Did you know a robot can be a scientist! (yes we all did) According to Manjoo, Farhad at www.slate.com, it could be possible that a robot could take the job of a scientist. You can find fully fledged robots working alongside human scientists. Robots are able to fill test tubes, make DNA microarrays, and even participate in archaeological digs. These machines also play very important roles in the fields of discovery. Humans also rely on computers for lines of thinking and hypotheses. First of all, why would anyone be surprised by this? Second of all, WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS WAS COMING!!! Now, you know that a robot can be a scientist. (It was coming).

        How can the machine of the future, (robot), can have emotions? Can they even have them? So according to Curtis, Jake at qz.com, there is a new robot on the market, her name is Pepper, and she is the first robot to have emotions. Now that the idea of robots have emotions is into play, robots will be able to relate to humans. Even though Pepper only went on sale for one minute, within that minute she sold out! Well, now you know about Pepper, the emotional robot


        RANDOM COOL FACT ABOUT ROBOTS!!!! According to May, Sandra at www.nasa.gov, NASA now has robots that could replace astronauts. One of these ideas is called Robonaut. Robonaut has the upper body of a person, but two lower bodies, legs or wheels. They can safely work outside of the spacecraft and they work like an astronaut on spacewalks. They could work on the moon or even mars. So, now you know about Robonaut the robot astronaut.


Ok, I know this is a bit gross, but there is a robot that cleans up cat litter. Now if you own a cat like me this is useful, but not everyone owns a cat. So according to www.technorms.com, the Litter- Robot, that is shaped like a dome, senses when the cat has left something in the box, and goes to clean it up. It will do this 7 minutes after the cat has gone, so stuff clumps up. Also the good thing is that it only cost $369. So, if you’re like me and hate cleaning up after your cat, this is perfect for you. So, now you know about the Litter- Bot.


So, what is the biggest robot? How big is it? So, according to newsfeed.time.com, the largest robot is a 51-foot robotic dragon named “Tradinno” and he was awarded 2014 Guinness World Record of largest walking robot. He is used for the Drachenstich festival or “Slaying of the Dragon” a traditional folk play held every August in Bavaria. One that had been going on for 500 years. An interesting trailer by the company just goes to show the complexity of the engineering process and the amazing dramatic results. Yay! A robotic dragon is the largest robot! Awsome! So, now you know about the largest robot ever.

So, will robots ever take over the world,(which in my opion, pets will take it over and robots will slave over them,), the answer may or may not, (it’s may not) be yes. According to Sharon, Gaudin at www.computerworld.com, they say in 100 years computers (cough, cough, controlled by pets, cough, cough) will overrule humans with AI, or something. That AI with wipe out the human race, (it will actually be a meteor, that has a chemical that lets pets survive, while still stopping evolutions into humans again). Also people hope that technology have the same goals as us. They say that the invention will become stronger than the creator, and that they will slowly evolve to be more human. PETS ARE THE REAL ONES TO CONTROL THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! So, now you know about robots taking over the world, (as in pets).