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What is cool and awesome? !ROBOTS![a]

By: [b]Bob Maskenlus


        Have you ever wondered why I am so cool and awesome? Well I don’t know that it’s just natural, but I do know what else is cool and awesome. Robots are! If you read my report then you can too! Robots have been here long before your great great great, (a LOT of greats) grandma or grandpa were alive. There will never be a smaller robot than the one there is now, and you can find out just how small that is. How does a robot even work? Robots in space, no way! Soon you can know as much as I do about the cool and don’t forget awesome robots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![d]!!!!!!


History of IT [e][f][g][h]

        This paragraph is about who invented the first robot, and why.

        This paragraph is about

        This paragraph is about

What IT is

        Have you wondered about how small the smallest robot ever is? Well you’re about to find out thanks to Dartmouth! The whole robot is just under ten micrometers thick. The robot is 1/10 of the thickness of a single strand of hair. It has the consists of a locomotion drive that is 60 micrometers by 120 micrometers. It is so small that when it is placed on a penny it looks like a little hair on Lincoln’s chin. I think that this is awesome because maybe one day I could keep a little robot to help me in my pocket.

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How IT Works

        This paragraph is about

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        Have you ever heard of Robonaut. No?! Well, thanks to Sandra May you can know! It is a robot and a astronaut combined! Robonaut has two lower halfs, it’s ready to walk and roll like rock and roll! Robonaut has a lower half that has two big wheels on the bottom so it can roll. Now than how does Robonaut walk? Well, he has another lower half that has human like robotic legs. Robonaut was made to help NASA. In fact Robonaut was made by NASA! Robonaut is ready to walk (rock) and roll in space. GO Robonaut!!!

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        This paragraph is about NASA and robots.

        This paragraph is about robots exploring space.

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[c]You said, "Well I don't that it's just natural." You don't what? I think you should also change that in that sentence to and. You choose

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