3D Printaaaying is Amazaaaying

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        3D printers will soon be owned by everyone. First, the Ye Old 3D Printing, then, how and what it works and is, and then awesome stuff that will make brains ooze from your ears. If you enjoy making anything you want, this is the stuff for you.

History of 3D printers Image

        In the late 1980's, 3D printing was called Rapid Prototyping (RP) Technologies. The first patent to file the RP was from a man named Dr. Kodama, in Japan, in May 1980. Another man named Charles Hull (Also known as Chuck Hull. They're the same dude). He patented stereolithology apparatus (SLA). I like this because there was more than one person who made the 3D printer, and I know how it was made.Image result for Chuck Hull'


What 3D printing is

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        According to Vitor Anusci, 3D printers can make houses, tables and chairs. Some 3D printers can 3D print 3D printers. I think that this is awesome because if you have a 3D printer and the digital files, you can make your friends a 3D printer, make yourself some furniture and more.

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        3D prints can be damaged from ultraviolet light, and the temperatures can also hurt the objects created by 3D printers. Some 3D prints can be made more durable than injected molded equivalent. Some 3D prints are very fragile. So, don’t drop them. Image result for candle wax

        Thanks to a man/woman/human named Jubal117, we now know that we can cover our 3D prints with wax to make it waterproof. You have to spread the melted wax with a brush, and then smooth it out with a tool.

Using plastic and nozzles, the 3D printer numerically controls the placement of plastic to make the 3D prints at your own home, such as shoes,  iPhone cases, other 3D printers and much much more. you can also make items with filed wood, conductive and flexible materials. I think that this is great because you can make things with different substances, and also you can make whatever you want if you have the digital files.Image result for 3D printer making a house

How 3D printing Works

        The 3D printer, according to toptenreviews, is just like your regular printer at home. They print layer upon layer, making the 3D prints that you know and made with your 3D printer. I like this because now you know that you can imagine how a 3D printer works and how it prints.Image result for 3D printer


Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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        Thanks to a dude who wrote a little about a man named Andrey Rudenko who has a huge backyard, so he made his own large-scale 3D printer and made an entire concrete castle. He is trying to make a 3D printed home. I can’t wait what is in store with this 3D printing genius.

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Vroom! Vroom! Here comes the man with the 3D printer. There is a 3D printed car that is called the Strati. The Strati was in the Manufacturing Technology show in Chicago in 2014. The company is now working on a new 3D printed car, that is road-ready. I like this because if you have the plans, a large-scale 3D printer, and a license you can make your own car.        

3D printers can now print electrical circuits. The 3D printers are gutting smaller, better and, of course, more advanced. I wish that I had a 3D printer so I can make light bulbs, furniture, and much much more.Image result for 3D printed electric circuit