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Dem’ Robots Gonna’ Take Over da World.

By:Kyrie Irving


One day you are walking down the street, and here comes the  ROBOTS. They are singing and dancing just like you do at the store. Wait you dance at the store? Robots can be the best in the world when you use them in the right way. They are so big they could crush us. They can even take over the world. DUN DUN DUNN!!!!!!!!!!!! When was the first robot made? What is another type of robot. What is a cool thing a robot can do? Where did the word robot come from? Will robots take over the world? When did a person first die by a robot? I know know these answers and you will too once you read my report.

History of IT

        Here is a simple question for you, how old are robots? When was the first one made. Well that is why I did this paragraph. According to Daven Hiskey. It was made in 350-400 BC. It was made by a famous philosopher named, Archytas. It flew up to 200 meters. He is the father of mechanical engineering. That is my amazing (better than yours) speech.

        Did you know that in 1495, Leonardo da Vinci, planned out robots? According to Corey S Powell and Sean Markey I learned a few new things today. He called it a armored humanoid machine. He was a smart man. He helped the future a lot. His idea led to other people inventing new things.

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What IT is

        One type of robot is a robonaut. According to Sandra May.They started making the Robonaut in 1996. They made a robonaut 2. It looks like a human. It holds tools. It has wheels and legs. They are very humanlike. They are used in space for very dangerous missions that could be risky to humans lives.


How IT Works

        Have you ever heard of legos? Legos are amazing. Do you know how robots work? One way you can find this out is by getting Lego Mindstorms. They are lego robots that you can control. You can learn a lot from them. I love legos.

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        Did you know that there are robots that can swim. Well Georgia Tech figured out how to do this. They made a deep sea diving robot. It can go 200 feet in the ocean after 50 feet of ice. That is deep. Robots are tremendous. There are robots for almost every job you need them to do.


Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        There are some crazy things that robots can do. According to Catey Hill. They can farm very easily. They can get into small places like under trees, so they can take off the fruit from the lower branches. Who wants to crouch down under a small tree and get one apple. That is what robots are for.


The word robot is cool. Let’s see where it comes from.  According to Sean Markey and Corey S. Powell. Robot comes from the Czecho-Slovakian word robota. It means drudgery. 1921 is when the book R.U.R was made. It was when people died and there was only 1 survivor.

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Will robots take over the world??? Well lets see what Hans Moravec has to say about it. Hans Moravec is the founder of Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute. He says that robots will be their own species by the time of 2040. They would technically replace us in every way. They will actually take over the world. They will be the Rulers!!!!!!! Dun, Dun, Dun

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Cyborgs, what is this world coming to. According to Sean Markey and Corry S. Powell. Kevin Warwick calls himself the first Cyborg. He put chips in his arms and legs, so he can think like robots. He can open doors and do a lot of things with those chips. Now that is cool.

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Robots are killing people. Why did we even invent them? This is the first offense by a robot. What will come to this.  Thanks to Sean Markey and Corry S. Powell we know a little more about robots.  The first known death by a robot was by a robotic arm of a giant robot. It crushed the living life out of the Japanese Kawasaki factory worker. It occurred in the odd year 1981. What a fun year. Well, what will robots lead to? You never know in a year that you could be killed by a robot. They could go to the top of the food chain, and it’s all our fault. Who would make new robots if we get extinct? It is just like zombies because you never know what happens next. YOU NEVER KNOW!?!?!? Watch your back. They could be walking around the corner right now!!!