Gypsy’s; Great GPS

By Gypsy


        Have you always wanted GPS? Probably not, but this report will make you want to have the latest kinds of GPS. First, you will learn about GPS history. There is a good part about someone destroying it or did they.  Secondly, you will read about what GPS is.  Then, I will teach you about how GPS works, and can it go under water?  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts.  Then you will go to the store and get the latest version of GPS.

History of IT 

        Have you ever thought about destroying GPS? that Ingrid Burrington said, Keith Kjoller and Peter Lumsdain did try to destroy it. Before GPS satellites went into orbit they got into Rockwell International facility in Seal Beach and tried to destroy it. They used an axe and hit it over 60 times. They got caught and did not succeed. I don’t know why someone in the right mind would even think about destroying GPS, but two people did.Image result for axe

What IT is

        Have you ever got lost without GPS?Have you ever got lost with GPS?  Christen Costa says that the GPS mirror can guide you turn by turn. There is a DVR camera in it that rotates 360 degrees. The android rear view mirror version is about $235. With this devise you will never get lost again.

        GPS did not cost that much money to send out into orbit. JK it cost a lot for what we think is little. I know U.S. government said; it was about 2 million dollars a day just to work on the GPS satellites. Then to put it in orbit for us to actually use it, it cost 12 BILLION dollars. We know that this is a lot of money, but the U.S. government try to say that it did not cost that much, but respect it any way.


How IT Works

        Have you had a dream that if divers had a GPS under water they would not drown or get lost? Well stop dreaming. According to the author Todd, GPS can not work underwater because the radio waves bounce off the water. The GPS would just malfunction under water. If after this paragraph you are still dreaming about saving lives with GPS underwater come and learn about reality.

Image result for radio waves bouncing off the water

        GPS is very interesting to find out how it works. Actually it was not really, but after you find out how it works you will appreciate it more. The satellites orbit the Earth two times a day. When you enter an address the satellites find where you are and put where the other things are. It also uses the distance from the satellites and can transmit it on your electronic app. Don’t you appreciate it more?Image result for GPS

Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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        Are you planning to be a spy? Of course you are. Then this thing will    come in handy for you. says; if when you are a spy and you are worrying if someone is on your digital tail you can use this GPS thing on your phone to find them. It will also detect any cameras spying on you or listening devices. It can also find all the bugs with portable bug scanners. I will use this when I become a spy.

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        If you never want  your child to be kidnapped then look into the shoelace GPS that Find My Fam by Byte Logic Systems, Inc have been creating. Even people with memory loss get lost they could get seriously injured. If you had the shoelaces then you could find and maybe even save them. You should go buy GPS shoelaces as soon as possible.