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        You have printed a picture you have printed a paragraph but have you ever 3d printed a house or a sculpture so small it can fit on an ants head, well people have and more If you want to learn read my report . First, you will learn about its realy old history.  Secondly, you will read  about how they are big small wht they print what it is.  Then, how in the world it works.   Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts about 3d printers.

History of IT 

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What IT isImage result for 3d printed building

        Have you ever wondered how they 3d print the big things well I know they use huge 3d printers. One of the biggest ones is Winsun’s 3d printers they are so huge. They are so big they can print buildings. Winsun’s also uses recycled materials when printing things. Winsun is even building furniture, houses and even five story buildings.

        Wait what does that print. The smallest 3d printer is tiny. One of the smallest is the iboxnano it is super small. The ibox nano is nice because it can only print small things but that makes it cheap to print. The bigger you print the more money it costs. The ibox is also realy cheap to $200.

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How IT Works

        What I don’t see it that is because it is the smallest sculpture ever and it was 3d printed by Jonty Hurtiz. They were so small they were as big as a dust speck to a human’s eye. They could even fit on ants head.But sadly they were lost. But that would be easy because they were so small.

         What is the biggest 3d printed object well it is a building that was 3d printed by winsun. We already know they have some of the biggest 3d printers well you wonder what they print.  They make houses and building. If you walk the streets in china you can see 3d printed houses or ones that are being printed. Winsun uses recycled materials when building.Image result for 3d printed building

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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        What is that tiny tool? Well it is a functional tool. Lance Adernethy has made two tiny tools. A drill and another tool. They are very tiny and were of course 3d printed. They were so tiny they could fit on his finger tip. This made him get a lot of atention.

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