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                 Robot Rebels

by Ryan Higa


Hi i’m.Ryan Higa. I’m going to teach you about robots not any ordinary robot…. Rebel robots. First, you will learn about it’s awesome history. Secondly, you will learn what it is if you don’t know. Third you will learn

About how the amazing awesome wireless robots work. Fourth  

History of IT

        THe first robot invented was made in 1452-1453 by

Leonardo la Divenchy another guy says he invented it but he

Was proven wrong be people and scientists. In 1454. Here is a picture

Of the first robot invented. It’s supposet to be a humanoid knight.

Its pretty cool right? It could say 700 words that’s pretty amazing for a robot to do that stuff back then. It could shake hands to!

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What IT

         For many people it is a machine that imitates a human—like the androids in Star Wars, Terminator and Star Trek: The Next Generation. However much these robots capture our imagination, such robots still only inhabit Science Fiction. People still haven't been able to give a robot enough 'common sense' to reliably interact with a dynamic world. However, Rodney Brooks and his team at MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab are working on creating such humanoid robots. 


How IT Works

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Super Cool Facts

        Robots got married! freaking married! It’s crazy

I never knew robots could do that! The robots were

Married around this time 2007-2016.                                                          

The smallest robot ever made is called

The nanobot it measures 10 nanometers

Or less than 1 thousandth of a millimeter