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3D Printing in a Nutshell

by Rawr E. Meep


        From hang gliding pandas to dancing pizzas, we can print about anything. Mom! Dad! I printed a house! I could make a 3D movie about--- whoops, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that until you read my report…. I can tell you that 3D printing can scan things and Brian Krassenstein told me 3D printing’s purpose though!

3D Printing’s Life Time

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        According to Brian Krassenstein, 3D printers were invented for many reasons like, making movie masks, making organs, and more! 3D printers were made for so many reasons that if I stated them all, you’d be here all day. I’m going to explain the top 3 reasons. Number 1 is, it is supposed to save lives. Which it has greatly succeeded. Number 2, well come on, you could make toys. Lastly, it can make plenty of items, actually, ANY items.

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        Some amazingly amazing person had to create this. It doesn’t just fall straight from the sky, does it? Nope! A man named Chuck Hull created this in 1983. This wasn’t very popular until late 2015. The 3D printing device has been a very useful machine ever since. You can thank John Hornic for some of this info.

        This machine was invented in 1983, so as you can guess, it wasn’t very advanced as it would be now. Over the years it has been able to produce bigger products and allow people to even make cars. Multiple companies are now creating their products with these. John Hornic says 3D printers can allow people to test prototypes and stuff.Image result for advanced 3d printer


              What is this?

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How will this 3D printing mechanism get better exactly? I want to thank Brian Krassenstein Well, some people have made it better by making it print food. This machine will actually be able to make other machines such as robots, computers, wearables and more. It isn’t able to get rid of my brother, but it will advance a lot and get even more famous. Yes, it can duplicate things and it might be able to create a living specimen one day.Image result for how 3d printer works

        What does this do? That is something to know before you buy it. It says it in the name, it 3D prints! It prints your 3D images. It can make cool prototypes and you can get lots of money. I recommend buying this for many reasons! They do so many things in so many ways, I can’t even list all of them! They have saved lives!

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        3D printers help us by printing. People who have it and they have a computer can 3D print an object. It will 3D scan whatever you made and print it. This has saved many lives and many teeth by making organs and bones and braces. 3D printers don’t seem cool, but trust me, they are awesomely amazing.

How do I even use This?

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        This works just by drawing a 3D model and clicking print. 3D printers scan your drawing and brings it to life with plastic. Isn’t that neat? Material jetting is part of it, then there is the fact you need to buy plastic. 3D printers get more complicated the older they are….

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        Parts could be super big People have made CARS. Pieces could be HUGE. Someone made a dwarf that walks! Just don't make them the size of a planet. People can make buildings, just not a planet. Anyone can make anything because anything is possible with                            

                      this machine.

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        It usually takes up to a few months. Some beginners will go quicker out of ignorance. It could take years. It really depends on the size and how much you learned about it. It could take a lifetime even.

*Mind Blown*

        With a stop motion camera and a lot of time, it could make a movie. Sadly, it will take much much more time to make a "3D movie". You couldn’t make 3D with glasses with that technology, but if you use a computer to edit it into 3D, you most likely could!

3D printers have made faces for movies that blink and you can see out of them. You can print a computer and phone! The possibilities are endless. You are able to learn about it faster by watching a documentary, reading a website, looking at my report, you could learn about it in so many ways. 3D printers are easy to understand which is super cool.

        Kids can in fact use these. An adult should be present just in case the child does something wrong. If a child wants to do this, you should probably buy a 3Doodler for them. They only cost 100 dollars. 3D printers are really easy to function and multiple kids already use them.