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        Grandpa look at my robot! You call that a robot? Heh heh. Back in my day robots were used for work. Do you want to know when the first robot was created, or a robot that works in space? How about the most commonly used robots. You will definitely want to know about the biggest robot in the world, and so much more! Now if you don't want to know about these awesome things, you are the most boring person in the world.

History of IT Image result for first programmable robot built 1954

        Have you ever wondered about the first robot. Wikipedia says the first programmable robot was invented by George Devol. It was made in 1954, and they named it Unimate. That’s flippin old! It was sold to a company called General Motors in 1961. It was used to lift hot metal and heavy objects.

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What IT is

        Did you know that there is a robot that works in space. Well according to NASA, the robot that works in space was built in 1996. They named it Robonaut, but the Newest one is called Robonaut 2. He work almost as good as a human. He can do complex tasks because of his human-like fingers. He can walk and go on wheels.

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How IT Works

Image result for Robot handling operations.

        Robots are so commonly used. Robotiq says the most commonly used is Robot handling operations. Then the finger robotgripper bin pickingMaterial handling is 2nd.

Image result for robonaut 2

        More Robonaut 2! Robonaut can work in 2 ways. He can think for himself. The astronauts can give him a task and he will figure out how to do it. He can also be controlled. If the task is a little too hard, the astronauts can use a remote control.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Image result for world's largest robot

        Dragon, fire, and robots all in one! Tim Hornyak says that it is nearly 30 ft high! It has a wingspan of 40 ft, and it is 51 ft long, and it breathes fire!!!


Image result for litter robot

        Hate cleaning the litter box? Well TechNorms says that you’ll never have to do that again! The robot has sensors around the door, so it knows if the cat goes in or out. 7 minutes after the cat goes it deposits. It cost about $369, but you’ll never have to clean your litterbox again.

        Don’t want to break the bank on a robot? Well you might not have to in your business! According to, They can cost up to $150000. If you get a used one of course, it will cost less.Image result for industrial robots

        Have you ever wanted to play ping-pong, but the trainers that you get just don’t do it right? Well according to Technabob the Trainerbot Ping Pong Robot is the robot for you. It splits your table into 9 zones. You get the app and you can tell it where you want it to shoot. If you send Kickstarter $329 now you can get this dope robot.