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3d printer’s gonna replace da chefs

by ヘイスティングス Αιγέας 香川


        Mom where is the pizza?! If you are tired of waiting for pizza listen to this. If you get a 3-d printer and it can print pizza. First, you will learn about its history.  Secondly, you will read about what it is.  Then, I will teach you about how it works.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts.  That is what my report will be.

History of IT

        This paragraph is about when it was made. It was made in the 1980’s. Back then it was not that good. It couldn’t make food. It also couldn’t make houses. They also were way slower and it would take a while to make a mini figure.                          

What IT is

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How IT Works

        This paragraph is about what it does. First you can 3d scan and put it into the computer and then you send to the 3d printer It melts plastic and then in cools down and then your have your 3d printed thing that you made.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This paragraph is about How it makes organs. It takes a special biomaterial. Then, it prints the biomaterial into a organs. After that people are saved.  

        This paragraph is about how they are so big they can make houses. They can make a whole table. They are so big. It is amazing that they can make a whole roof.

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