Sick SmartphoneS

By: Stephen Curry 2.0


        Wish you battery life was longer? Well now they have a phone that can last almost 18 hours of battery life. that's almost an entire day without having to charge. Want to learn more? Then read on. First you will learn about the evolution of smartphones. Then you will learn which smartphone is more preferred. Then you can read about how they have see through phones. And then you can learn about some more super amazing facts. Is this science fiction? Read my report to find some answers.

History of IT 

Are you ready to learn about the most advanced smartphone. After talking to my great friend Anton Doan about what he thought was the most advanced smartphone he said that it would most likely be the new and improved iphone 6s. I thought this was so fascinating because I had no clue what the most advanced smartphone was.

This is where you will learn how much smartphones have improved over time . the size have gotten bigger and they have more advanced apps and and you can talk to people around the world and you can get games and social media sites on it. This to me was pretty interesting to learn about.


What IT is

        This is about which smartphone company is the best. Marshall Gary says 7the Iphones are the best to get because they are better quality phones and can last you a while. I think this is cool because Apple is my favorite phone company.


How IT Works

This is something that will blow your mind they’re are now phones that are see through.Christopher MacManus says the new see through phone will be like now you see it now you don't. This works because the liquid crystal when electricity is on the phone screen will be clear. I think this is cool because it like tony starks in the movies.

This is about the phone they sent to outer space. Marshall Gary wrote  in February 2013 they sent a phone into outer space in a astronest pocket as a satellite it's about the size of a shoe box they call it a nanosatellite and the funny thing is they tried to use the find my phone app (it didn't work). I thought this was pretty net.

        Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


        If your looking to get a smartphone this paragraph might change your mind about the cost. According to tristan louis that the average smartphone cost around 200$. To me that's way cheaper then i thought it was but at the same time is still a lot         

This is my favorite paragh it's going to talk about the longest battery life time without charging , after reading a article that katherine byrne wrote  that overall the samsung galaxy s7 had the longest battery time and it was 17 hours and 48  minutes. I think this is so amazing because that's almost a whole day.

        This is about a great way to save your phone.  According to *** when your phone is falling the CO2 tanks will spray air out to slow your phone down. I think this is cool because it will make it so you don't have to pay for a new screen.



        This is my final paragraph it is about which company makes the most profit.I got this from Canaccord Genuity research, Samsung, the largest Android licensee by far, took a distant 11 percent share of total operating income. Those numbers exceed 100 percent because most other phone makers reported negative operating income. This is cool to me because I always thought it was apple.

Fun paragraph about lights. I give credit for this information to verizon.Replace your standard light switch with a smart version such as the WeMo Light Switch. Sync it to your smartphone, and you can turn your lights on or off if you forgot to after leaving the house. You can also program your lights to turn on or off at specific times each day, as well as set up schedules and trigger other actions to turn them on or off. The Philips® Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Kit also lets you gradually dim, brighten or even change the color of your lights. I think this is so awesome because its like you have a remote to your house.