Wonderful Drones

by Antonio Valencia 2.0


        Boom! That’s what most people think what drones sound like and do. But it is not all true that they just bomb people. They do lots of stuff. Want to learn about it? Then this report is the right report for you. You will learn about the drone’s history, such as who built the first drone, what it is, how it works, and I will finish with super cool facts to blow your mind.

History of IT

The first drone purpose was to kill Osama bin Laden. He was responsible for driving airplanes into the Twin towers on September 11, back in 2001. One week before this event occurred, The US was almost ready to send an armed drone to Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden. However, a council decided the drone wasn’t ready, so they waited, but they waited too late. Osama bin Laden killed 2,753 people that day. 

        The people who built the first drone was the Royal Navy. Reading Chris Cole’s article, the original drone was made in the 1930s. The Royal Navy needed some aircraft to practice on, and they made a remote-controlled aircraft for practicing gunnery in the late 1930s.

        The first drone was made in the late 1930s by the Royal Navy. They needed to have shooting practice, so they made remote-controlled airplanes to practice. There is more information at the paragraph above.

How IT Works

        If you have ever wondered how the drone’s signal gets to the control center, here’s your answer. According to BBC News, the signal from the drone is going to the satellite in space to go back to the control center. From the control center, the pilots piloting the drone get the camera feedback and do something depending on the feedback they get.  


Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        Thanks to topdroneforsale.org, they say that DJI is the best drone company. They support and make all categories of drones on the market and in their store. Their most famous type of drones are their Phantom series. They put Wi-Fi in it, the highest type of camera, and more.

        The law of how high can you fly your drone is a maximum of 400 feet high. The credit goes to bhphotovideo.com.

        Ever wanted your packages to come fast? Well then, you will love the day this opens. According to Amazon, they will soon release a new delivery system called Prime Air. Prime Air can deliver your packages in as little as 30 minutes. Is this science fiction? Not for long.