Amazing Robots

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So you came here to learn about robots eh? Well you came to the right place because first I will tell you about the history and next i will what Robots are, and lastly i will blow you over with some amazing cool facts about some robots and what they can do. 

History of IT


        Robots have improved over time, the first robot ever made was built that is high tech was in germany 1810 and was a robot soldier playing a trumpet. Now robots have improved and a modern robot today can do many many things more than that Robot playing a trumpet.

        Robots have evolved since the 1810 robot, Now we have robots that can spit fire, walk, talk, and do human work that can save lives. The robots of today have a lot of human things like, hands, fingers, legs, wheels, intelligence, and many more. Robots will improve greatly in the future.


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What IT is

         Robots are technology made by humans that can do complex things that some of us can’t do. Robots have a ton of circuits and wires inside them to do the programing that they can do.Image result for ultron

How Can Robots Help Astronauts?

NASA is developing new robots to help people in space. One of these ideas is called Robonaut. Robonaut looks like the upper body of a person. It has a chest, head and arms. Robonaut could work outside a spacecraft. It could do work like an astronaut on a spacewalk. With wheels or another way of moving, Robonaut could work on another world. Robonaut could help astronauts on the moon or Mars.

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How IT Works

        A robot is made up of the very same components. A typical robot has a movable physical structure, a motor of some sort, a sensor system, a power supply and a computer "brain" that controls all of these elements. Essentially, robots are man-made versions of animal life -- they are machines that replicate human and animal behavior.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        In this paragraph i will tell you about  The 56 foot Giant dragon robot That was the biggest robot in the world in the guinness book of world records. The giant colossus dragon was built in germany and can not only walk but can spit out fire. The giant dragon is controlled by a remote control and is a great sight to see.

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In this paragraph i will tell you about Snakebot. Snakebot is a cool robot that can slither like a snake and do things snakes can do like, squeezing into small spaces and slithering up a tree. Nasa made a snake robot that can hopefully explore in space better than a rover, because a rovers wheels will get stuck on rocks and other stuff, while the snake bot can just slither over the object. Other companies made snake bots too, and they can do amazing things like, getting oil in a car and slithering into a small crack to record things or save lives. Some snake bots have the intelligence of a snake and can think and act like a real snake and do what a snake does.

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In this paragraph i will tell you about the robotic cheetah. According to The robot cheetah can jump over objects and and is the first robot that can jump over a block 15 in and is the first to achieve this goal. The cheetah bot is founded by the military and might be used for military purposes. The cheetah robot is also very fast, the highest it can run is 29 mph.

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In this paragraph i will blow you away with the morphex MKii robot. The morphex MKii robot is a robot that can morph into a ball, a spider like shape, a crab like shape and a weird flower like shape. It is the only prototype so far, so they are still working on making it better! Here is a link for a video of it, Or just search it up.