The  amazing Wearables

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         My report is so boss that I am so cool!:P This report is about different types of wearables. First, you will learn about their history so amazing write.  Secondly, you will read about what wearables are they are electronics that you can wear!.  Then, I will teach you about how wearable works.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts. At least to me there cool.  That is what my report will be about so ya.

History of IT

         Holly cow wearable don't suck any more! This paragraph is about how wearables have improved over time. Wearable technology has improved so much its crazy! Now when you want to randomly now what your heart rate is you don't have to wait because you can just look on your wearable and see what it is, and you don't have to wait to go to the doctors or something like that. You can also see how much food you are eating threw out the day to make sure that you are eating healthy or something. Wearable can even see what mood you are in! Wearable have improved so much that it can self track about everything about you so that you be a better person!:P

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         I won't be addicted to my phone any more because I now have a wearable to be addicted to. This paragraph is about will wearables be addicting in the future. People think that technology won't be addicting but they are wrong! More people know now that they are wrong because more and more people are getting addicted to electronics. There are wearables that can help with addictions like the wristbands,augmented reality glasses(goggles), and implants(chips in your head!) These different wearables might just save your life from addictions.

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What IT is

        Wate now they're water proof! This paragraph is about are wearables waterproof. According to Jill Duffy on pcmag, The fitness tracker. It is more resilient(strong) Not like the smart phone it can break just from falling on the ground,but not the fitness tracker it is strong! It can go threw bumps, shakes like if you're on a bike, so when you sweat from exercise It doesn't get damaged. The fitness tracker is waterproof. Most wearables aren't but this one is.Image result for waterproof wearables

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How IT Works

I wonder if I can track my friend with my wearables? It's all because of bluetooth! Now people can track us down with there wearables that have bluetooth. The best part about it is that it does not waste your battery!LOL!  

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


 I,m going to buy a wearable but witch one do I chose? This paragraph is about if you were going to buy a wearable what kind is the best to get.  Wearable are so amazing the one you should get is. So this wearable can act like a pedometer because it can see all the steps you do and can also see how much you sleep. Which is pretty cool. It also has a GPS so you don't get lost when you're driving or riding a bike. It can also help you improve your athletic performance. You might like the smart phone better but wearables are more personal.

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 I wonder if wearables can save your life? When you swim you might drown because you don't have to drown! Because now you can have the smallest safty swim thing to save you! This swim thing can save Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The best part it's actually affordable because it not like ten thousand dollars! It's only $84.

It's cheaper than others! Which is a good thing. These is a good wearables because if you get tired or run out of breath  in the water you can just float on the wearable thing. It also has cool stuff on it like a whistle if you think you're dying. It also has a compass so if you're in the middle of the ocean you can find your way back you land! Its meant to last a while so it won't pop or something like that.:)

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