Coolio Smartphones

by Aggie Brook


Smartphones are awesome, they can do so many things. First, you will learn[a][b][c][d][e] about its history. There are many different ways it’s changed over time. Secondly, you will read about what it is. It is a very complicated technology. Then, I will teach you about how it works.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts.  That is what my report will be.

History of IT

        Smartphones and phones in general have done so much changing. Once upon a time they looked and felt as big as bricks. They had an antenna, and then they started getting smaller and smaller. Now, they look big, thin and they go a lot faster with the internet

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What IT is

        Hey guys check out this awesome new app, it’s super awesome! The smartphone has many apps, you can call text, play games, figure out where houses are. They can help you decode and find important information. You can even talk to Siri on your phone. She gives you directions and where to find how to do something.


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How IT Works

        Smartphones are a vrAccording to Dave Coustan, Jonathan Sr. At their core, smartphones, and all cell phones for that matter, are mini radios, sending and receiving radio signals. Cell phone networks are divided into specific areas called cells. Each cell has an antenna that receives cell phone signals. The antenna transmits signals just like a radio station, and your phone picks up those signals just as a radio does.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        Look, It’s here, now it’s not. It’s called now you see it, now you don’t. According to Christopher MacManus, you can see it when you turn off the light. Then when you turn it on, it crystallizes and you can’t see it because it is see through.


        Wow! It really looks like I’m reading a book! According to Hilary Brueck, there is this thing called ReFlex. It’s built to bend, vibrate and give people a good idea of having[f] third dimension things on their phones. They bend it, so it looks like the thing is popping out. You can play games as well, and it is a very fun way to think in 3d.

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[b]the first in the History of IT is good

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[e]I really like the paragraph in what is it. Yay!

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