3D Printing With Mangos

Report Written By: Anonymous Nyan Cat


        Have you ever wondered about what in the world can a 3D printer print? Well, you will soon find out. First, you will learn about a 3D printer’s history like when it was discovered.  Secondly, you will read about what it is and stuff like printing concrete.  Then, I will teach you about how it works like how it can print chocolate instead of wire.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts like printing essential body parts. Are you ready to be amazed? Keep reading if you are excited to learn about 3D printers.

History of IT

        According to the 3D Printing Industry, the first version of a 3D printer was made in 1986. That’s not too long ago, so the 3D Printer is still pretty new! The guy who created it was Charles (Chuck) Hull. Before it was called a 3D Printer, it was called SLA, standing for Stereolithography Apparatus. That’s a long name!

What IT is

        What exactly is a 3D Printer? A 3D Printer is a computer where you create a shape and program it to melt plastic into that shape. For example, if you wanted to 3D print a ring, you could design a ring on a computer program, download it on a hard drive, and plug it into the printer. It will look over the design, then it will warm up the nozzle and melt the plastic into the shape. That is how a 3D Printer works.

How IT Works

        Everyone in the whole world loves food. Food is just amazing. Have you ever wanted food to become a shape, so it’s more fun to eat? Well now you can. According to Lauren Orsini, a 3D printer with a plastic nozzle called Chocedge now works with the Hershey Company to make Hershey's Kisses. It melts the chocolate, and once the chocolate has set, you can eat it. A whole new world for futuristic deserts has opened up to the world.

        I bet you already know that the artist Vincent van Gogh cut his ear off. Did you know that scientist used his DNA to recreate his ear with a 3D printer? Brian Krassenstein wrote that they studied the patterns of the DNA and programed it on the computer. It is a little creepy to have a gigantic ear floating in a museum, but it is still a work of art.

        Scientists in the U.S. have just discovered something amazing. They have figured out how to 3D print ears, kidneys, blood vessels, skin, and bones. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. They use a thing called a bioprinter and they use a gel-like substance that has live skin cells in it, and for bones they just use ceramic powder. The world is crazy!

Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        What is a nano-sculpture? It’s a sculpture that is so tiny, that you can’t see it without a microscope. An artist named Jonty Hurwitz has just created one. These are the smallest sculptures ever printed or made in the whole world! They are so small, that they can fit on the head of an ant, or the eye of a needle! But sadly, they were lost. It’s not too surprising since they are invisible to the naked eye, but it was still a sad day when they were lost.

        Have you ever wondered if there was something in the world that was powerful enough to actually print concrete, let alone a castle? Well, a man named Andrey Rudenko from Minnesota made a 3D Printer that can print concrete! He build the machine at his own home, and printed a concrete castle in his backyard. That just blows my mind.

        Local Motors, a car company located in Phoenix, Arizona, just printed a Strati car with a 3D Printer. Isn’t that amazing? It took 44 hours to print, but it’s about a thousand dollars cheaper than a normal car. That’s crazy! It was so cool, it appeared in the International Technology show. I wish I could have a 3D printed car.