>>Smartphones are simply<< >>spectacular<<

by Samantha Gregenson


        Ever since the 90’s, smartphones have never cease to amaze us. They have extended the abilities of humans. In my report, you can learn about the amazing history of smartphones, what they are, how they work, and some legitimately cool facts! If you like these extraordinary machines, or have one, then read my report.     

>>History of IT<<

The first version of a smartphone. According to Brad Maccary, The first smartphone was the Simon. It included a touchscreen, operated by stylus, that would let you send and receive fax messages. But it also of course had a notepad, an email client and a calendar. Without a doubt, the Simon was the first smartphone in history, but it would retire before gaining fame. It was a pretty big step into the new world of smartphones, and the creators, thought it might’ve even been too advanced for the public. Ericsson, was the first company to actually use the phrase smartphone. Yet the Simon is still considered the first smartphone around.

>>What IT is<<

Have you noticed what seems like an epidemic of people who are glued to their smartphone’s soft glow? Well, maybe you should be concerned. The average person check their phone over 150 times a day! Studies have shown that 56% of children between the ages of 10-13 have a smartphone. And 25% of children between 2 and 5 also have a smartphone(<- that’s crazy right!?).That means that is important for parents to consider the potential effects smartphones can have on childhood psychology and development,  I’m not saying that smartphones are bad, infact, I love smartphones! But maybe we should take a little more caution when it comes to little children.

                You may be wondering, “If I were going to buy one, what is the best version to get.” And you would probably think, the iPhone SE is the best, well…. Youre wrong! According to Matt Swider(http://www.techradar.com/us/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/20-best-mobile-phones-in-the-world-today-645440/11), The Nexus 5X is a phone that offers the very latest version of Android, a decent (ish) more hand-friendly size to plop in your pocket.

The screen is a decent resolution and really clear to boot, and the price isn't as high as you might find on other phones in this spec bracket.

>>How IT Works<<

There are many advantages to having a smartphone. But, there are disadvantages to owning a smartphone. Price, being one of them. Info from Demand media, Scott cornell talks about how smartphone are typically over priced. And it’s totally right! Smartphones can be WAY over priced. But I think companies would get more customers but lowering prices without having to sign a contract.

>>Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind<<

        The Internet of Things is coming and it’s going to connect your fridge, washer and dryer, dishwasher, thermostat, lights and everything else in your home to the Internet. That means you can monitor and control these  appliances through your smartphone no matter where you are.

Installing security cameras around your home or business to catch evildoers in the act is a good idea. However, being able to watch or even control the camera from a distance makes it even better.

        Another cool thing, is on the Samsung Galaxy S® 7, you can monitor your heart rate! Crazy right? Some of these apps are, Instant Heart Rate and Runtastic Heart Rate available for Android and iOS. Instant Heart Rate , is an easy to use app. You only have to touch you finger to your camera for it to start. *picture below*

iPhone Screenshot 2

 Adding to the heart rate apps, there are so many things smartphones do to help people. And in this case, blind people. The be my eyes app, gives blind men, women, and children know what is what and where to go. You have your own personal assistant that helps you through the phone. It has customer ratings to 4 out of 5 stars! This app could be the future to helping the people who can’t see.