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 Super Smartphones

By Mary Santiago :)


          Smartphones  can, . . . . . . start, and, unlock your car! :o! First, you will learn about its awesome history.  Secondly, you will read about what it does.  Then, I will teach you about what does.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts. (like the car . . .) That is what my report will be.

History of IT

        This paragraph is about when and by the people who invented the smartphone. Guess what? It was invented by IMB. The first Real smartphone was invented in 1992. The actually started using the term “smartphone” until 1995. :o.


    (The one on the left is/are the smartphones we have now. Then the one on the right were the ones we had back in 1992) (People would’ve had them in 1993-ish)

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What IT Does

        Hey, guess what if you get enough phones involved you have a weather sensing network! Prediction is just the logical step. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile or PC device. Your computer should have it and it should of had the senses of your nearby device. :)

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How IT Works

        This paragraph is about how to get files to send something really fast. Guess what? Bluetooth is pairing something like an older and better version. It’s a wireless project. So you don’t need wires. Just two things work. That’s all.

What is a good way to transfer files from your phone to another phone or device. If you have your computer connected to a nearby

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This paragraph is about how a smartphone can unlock/start the car.  According Shraw Chawl, You can open your car and start your car just with an app with your smart phone. I know. Cool.

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