Dang DRONES, no privacy

By: a drone  



It's a flying eye!! Help! help! Ok so you all think of drones as and eye in the sky. Which is right, Here you will know how bad and good drones are. I will talk about the fastest drones to the coolest drones. There are some cool drones out there.AND how one drone almost killed Osama Bin Laden  



 Drones have improved over time a lot. They have made drones big enough to carry people. They have made a drone car that carries people and you don’t have to pilot it. You can just draw where you want it to go and it will go exactly how you drawn it. Here is a link

Awesome stuff

They have drones that are really small. Like the size of your palm. Here is another link it is really small and steady. And there very cheap so you can buy one. So they are affordable you can do many cool tricks too. I have a small one. I have one and they're fun but I have a different brand.

They have some really fast drones too. Some can go really fast. They have drones that go 60 miles per hour. Super fast. I want a super fast drone super badly. Well I want all drones.

What is  it?

Drones sometimes are not always four propellers they can be anything that flys and is not a manned vehicle. So rc helicopters are drones. They have rc helicopters that have cameras on them too.

Something interesting

 I love drones so much I want to get a ton of them. There are some really cool drones. Almost all can do flips. I have one that does flips.Did you know that one of the military drones almost killed Osama Bin Laden. If that drone would have been ready it would have saved a lot of lives.

 Why i like it

 They also have drone racing that i want to do. I think it would be soooooooo cool.link I think it would be fun and awesome plus i have always wanted fans. There are some cool things about drones.



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