Mickey Mouse

The amazing 3[a][b][c]D-Printer


By Mickey Mouse

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        MOM! DAD! I can’t find my braces! A few hours later, the braces are back, just another one printed from a 3D printer. To learn more, read my report. You will learn about the history and what civilians think about the 3D-printer. Next you will learn about 3D printed DRUGS. Then, you will learn how long 3D-Printers print. Finally, you will learn of 3D-Printed cars, braces, and more!


History of IT

        What’s the earliest version of the 3D printer?  The first versions of the 3D-printer came around in the late 1980’s, and they were called Rapid Prototyping technologies. Most people liked it; people found it as a fast and not expensive way of creating stuff.

Guns are scary.  What if a 3D printer could print guns? Americans have been exploding their brains trying to figure out what their view on 3D-printers. Some people think you should be able to use 3D printers at home.  However, more people say, “No Way!” to printing guns. Like when some people took a roll, they found out that most of the people that said we should be able to print stuff in our said that we shouldn’t print guns. What’s your view?????


What IT is

        This paragraph is about what good 3D printers can do.

        DRUGS! They have found a way to 3D-print them!!! Drugs are getting way out there, and the 3D-printer might make them get farther. People have been printing their own drugs on a 3D-printer! Even though we can’t print them that well, within 10 years or less, they might become really bad! Someone could just go to a 3D-Printer and print and add to their drug supply! Let’s help the goverment is passing news laws to cause limits to 3D-printers, or else things will be bad! REALLY BAD!!!!


How IT Works

        This paragraph is about how fast 3D printers print. It prints longer if it is more complex and cool-looking (like me). It also takes longer if there are more layers. So, if you are patient, you will get the better-looking object!


Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This paragraph is about the smallest creation made by a 3D printer.

        This paragraph is about a 3D printed car. (!!!!) Have you ever driven a car? What if there is something like a 3-D car? Meet Strati, the very first 3D Printed car. It has built (printed?) in Detroit, with some help with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Many people are excited at this new future of 3D-Printed cars. So cool!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited, because one day, I might be able to go to a car shop and print my own car!Image result for 3D printed car

        What if you can get your own orthodontics work in a cooler cheaper way? That’s what happened to a college student named Amos Dudley. When he was a little kid, he had a weird, crooked smile that looked hideous. He couldn’t get professional dental work (don don don!!!). He was like “this is too much”, so that he printed his own braces from a 3D printer! According to the pictures, the braces are working. The great thing about this is that in the future, we might be able to get our own cheaper, faster, and cooler way!


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