The Wondrous Wearables[a][b][c][d][e][f][g][h][i][j][k][l][m][n][o][p] Are Wonderful

by SHUMWON(shum-one)


        Wearables were bad! But how is this? Doesn’t everyone think that they are the coolest things? Well to find out how bad they were and how they improved, keep on reading. First, you will learn about the very first one.  Secondly, you will read about what IT is. Hee hee hee, but what is this IT? Then, I will teach you about how IT works.  Finally, I will tell you some….. awesome things that they can do! That is what my report will be.

History of IT 

        According to Rithmio, I am talking about how bad were wearables in the past. They were very bad. I mean like so bad that they were abandoned within six months. Which is very bad. But the paragraph below tells how it got better. I think this is horrible, because why can’t they improve them faster?


Now time for how wearables have improved over time. According to Rithmio, now they can be personalized, can live on solar electricity, and so much more. Now they are very ‘invisible’. They can be wedding rings or even hair clips! I want a wearable because then I can experience ZE POWER OF ZE WEARABLZE! (French accent)

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What IT is

        Now I shall be telling you about what it does. But what is this it? According to Kayla, it is a wearable camera for soccer players. You can connect it to any shirt or jersey. It gives you a field view of the soccer pitch. You can even link to the camera and watch at home! So you don’t have to fret about missing your child’s game. I think this is cool because if I had one, it could sense my emotions.Image result for wearable camera on shirt

        Ahh now to feed your curiosity about how much a normal one costs. According to a MYSTERY PERSON, a smartwatch is about 163 British pounds. That is about $238.10 in the U.S. But wrist sport computer cost about 82 British pounds or $118.90 U.S. I think that is very expensive but they must be pretty fancy on the other side of the world. I would like to see one.

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How IT Works

        Now about how it works. The camera, according to Kayla, works by RF transmissions. Isn’t that so amazing? Then the video is transferred at light’s speed with low latency. So you can turn on the TV and watch how well your child’s doing. To bad you can’t cheer them on. They should probably installed that.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind    


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Image result for tiniest wearable in the world

Now aren’t you wondering how small the smallest wearable in the world is? I give credit to David Shamah. If you multiply 10 by 10 by 5.8, it is only 580 mm! It is a chip for a GPS. It is called the Micro Hornet. It helps with filtering, radio frequency shields, and processing capabilities of full-sized chips. I think that is too tiny. It would be so easy to lose!!! I wonder how tiny the box for transporting the chip would be!

Image result for tiniest wearable in the world

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