Super Sweet Smartphones

by Me


Hey!!!!! Oh my gosh! Guess what?! I will blow your mind with the smartphones coolest features. First I will let you know who invented the amazing smartphone. Next I will tell you about what smartphones were in the beginning and how much they have changed in the 21st century. Secondly,I will excite you about how a smartphone can be a satellite, metal detector, and a fish finder. Then, I will make you want to get an iPhone 7 once you find out that it can protect itself from damage. Finally, I will tell you an interesting fact about how people spend all their time on their phone.  Now if I were you I would continue to read this report of awesomeness.

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History of IT 

Now you may ask who invented the smartphone. According to, the first smartphone was invented by IBM and Bellsouth. The smartphone came out in 1993. Simon got the first screen that you could access your emails and send faxes.

        The smartphone has improved over time whether you like it or not. According to Casy Phillips, a smartphone weighs less than a roll of quarters. The smartphone is smaller and takes up less space than a book. It has changed human's interaction.


What IT is

        Can a smartphone seriously be a satellite. According to Gary Marshall, a smartphone went into orbit on February in 2013. It was the lead of the mission. It is called the STRaND-1. They call the satellite a nanosatellite because of it’s size compared to a normal satellite. It is as small as a shoe box!!!! It has panels that flip when it needs power.

Let me tell you about how smartphones find metal. According to Gary Marshall, there is a magnetometer built into an android phone. It turned out to be beneficial. According to Medgadget, it is like having a metal detector on your phone. It really helps

 surgeons if they need to know if the patient has an implant.

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How IT Works

        You may ask, how does your smartphone work and what it can do. Well, one of the things you can do with a smartphone is get a Deeper Fish Finder. According to Fox Van Allen, it would be helpful to bring your phone on your camping trip. A small round looking ball that connects to your phone can find fish in both salt and fresh water. This device will go 120 feet down in the water to find the fish. Once you put your fishing pole in the water your Fish Finder will turn on.

        I am going to blow your mind about how a smartphone can protect itself. According to Alistair Charlton, the new iphone 7 will protect itself. When the phone increases speed using the accelerometer and gyroscope. It affects the vibration of the motor and it switches the gravity.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        I will not make you fall asleep with this paragraph because I will let you know how people spend time more on their phone more than sleep. According to Madlen Davies, people use their laptops and phones more than they spend time sleeping. The average hours of sleep is about 8 hours and 21 minutes. Instead people are on their phone 8 hours and 41 minutes. 81% of people who always use their phones have them on all the time even in...BED!!

I bet you want to know about the biggest phone and if you don’t who cares I am going to tell you. According to Chris P., the largest phone is 7 inches. They call it the MediaPad X1. You may think that it would be a tablet, but tablets the 7 inch tablets are larger than that. The battery for that can be as big as 5000mah. That is HUGE!!!

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