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Gps in a driveable car !?

By:Stephanie Bay


         One day I was on the table eating chips and I hear this music coming from the garage. So I yell  “Dad, Mom what are you doing in the garage.”. Of course they didn’t answer because the music was too loud. So I  start walking to the garage. I see my car parked in there and my dad sitting in the car doing something with the car mirror . He was putting on……. You will have to find out when you read my report . So read my report to learn awesome, fun , interesting facts about GPS.( Global Positioning System)

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History of IT

        This paragraph is about when did they get created.   

        First when it was first introduced to the public.  According to Unknow author,  Gps was made public due to a tragedy. In 1983, Korean Air Lines Flight 007 entered Soviet airspace after navigation error and was shot down , killing all 296 passengers. This incident resulted in president  Ronald Reagan ordering  the  United States Military to make the GPS available for civilian use onc3e it was completed , so the similar incidents could be avoided in the future.

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        This paragraph is about how did they help.

What IT is

        This paragraph is about  what does it do.

        This paragraph is about how does gps work on cars

         Secondly can they work under water? Well according to Todd,

Divers can’t use Gps. It’s because the high radio frequencies used for Gps just bounce off the surface of water . Well, we have used GPS when I've been doing things like underwater surveys. What you can do is tie the GPS to a buoy on the surface and drag it along behind you.  Then you can download basically where you've been.  You can track your path and match that up with what you were looking at when you were underwater.

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How IT Works

        This paragraph is about  how big can they get

        This paragraph is about how does gps work on car mirrors.  First off installation is really easy. It will fit over your existing mirror. On board is a 5 inch touch screen. Deliver turn by turn directions. They cost about $235 from The Fancy, though chinavasion sells it cheaper.  

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This paragraph is about what was the first gps.

Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This paragraph is about cool facts about gps. According to Science with kids,On December 17, 1973 the NAVSTAR GPS system is approved.  NAVSTAR is the military name for the current GPS system.
On July 14, 1974 the first NAVSTAR satellite is launched into orbit around the Earth.  On September 16, 1983 Approval was granted by President Ronald Reagan to make a portion of the GPS system data available for civilian use.  This opened up options for airlines, ocean ships and other modes of transportation to use GPS for navigation.  It also allowed land surveyors to develop new equipment to use the GPS data to accurately locate positions of objects on the Earth.

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        This paragraph is about what did Christen Costa act like. According to Costa, Christian he grew up back east then got sick and headed west. Since he was a small kid he has been pushing buttons. He would push eletronics and human.He started a blog focusing on technology and use his dislikes and likes to post on gadgets.

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        This paragraph is about facts about gps. According Etsy , Gps was first used by the US For military purposes. They need a global navigation system during the cold war triggered the introduction of Gps.  Then they shared the gps all around the world and not just for military uses.  But they still do use them to navigate where they are.

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