Drones are sick[a][b][c] 

by Joseph Dickerson


 Oh hey my amazon package is getting dropped off by a DRONE? Wha?!?    

we are now getting packages from drones? Wow! Oh hey now my PIZZA is getting delivered by drones?!  READ MY REPORT so you can know all about drones

History of IT

 According to ghai avjot The first drone attack was in  November 2001 when it targetied a top commander mohammed atef  in afghanistan the predator drone was invented by abraham keren wow how could he do that?

 According to ghai avjot The first armed drone was supposed to kill Osama Bin Ladin.One week before the 9/11 atacks the council said it wasn’t ready to launch and then the 9/11 attacks occured. Dag nabbit that drone should have been ready! (joseph’s flavor)

What IT is

         According to mayo clinic This paragraph is about What are drones and what they can do drones will be able to  deliver blood  to offshore ships and hard to reach areas. This will make it so people that are sick and losing blood will still be able to get treatment anywhere anytime. Hospitals also dont have much blood stored in the  hospitals and one patient could easily deplete all of the supply. For some hospitals, daily shipments of blood come in the vehicles can only hold so much blood and can only drive on roads. Drones would be able to hold more  blood and deliver it faster. They would take off as soon as the EMS call comes in.


Drones also can drop packages amazon is working on delivering packages by drones. This means they can send more packages at once. It would also be cheaper and better for the environment. The drones would be able to land in little space and deliver the packages.

How IT Works

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Drones can also  deliver rarely used drugs like snake antivenom and other stuff places like Utah probably don’t have much of those drugs or maybe not ANY! Just in case drones would be able to fly over hospitals and drop those drugs off!

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         Now you know amazing facts about our future Drones.


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