Hello, World!

Have you ever wondered why many sport rules are changing? Well, let me help you with that!
Many sport's rules are changing, and I just do not get it. Rules really are good, but at what point do they go a bit overboard at? Again, nothing is wrong with rules, but many of the rules that are up and coming are really much. I often say that the game should just go on! Of course you need to play safe, and make sure no one gets hurt, but why in the world are we adding so many rules that will just slow down the play? I have been doing some research on a few new rules in soccer, so I am going to share them with you.
One of the newest rules that will be made in 2017 is the red card rule. This one I am not particularly fond of. The red card rule is where even if you get a red card, (Previously when you got a red card you would sit out that game and the next), you can go back into the game. If you think someone who made a super dirty play, and already got a warning about it should come back into the game, then I beg to differ.

Another new rule is that if you even argue with a ref then you can be penalized. What the heck is this rule? In my opinion I think this rule is quite strange. I totally get it if parents are being jerks and refs send them out of the game, but some players on the field just have a real strong opinion. If players are threatening the refs then please, send them away. Otherwise this rules has got me a little bit confused and wondering if it is good or bad for this game.

But another new rule is the line rule. I know it is not very specific, but the rule is that if the ball crosses the out of bounds line in mid-air, and it never touches the ground then you kick it back into bounds still without it touching the ground , the ref will not call it out. I think that is pretty cool. One of the rules that should of been made so much earlier is the backwards kick off rule. They have already made this rule into action, and I think that it is fair. It is your kick off, do what you want.

One of the rules that I absolutely hate is the heading rule. It drives me insane! The new heading rule is that kids ages 10 & under can not head the ball. I love to head the ball, and although I am not 10 years old or younger, I still think that it is crazy. For ages U12-U13 you have very limited heading. I just don't get it. You can almost always choose if you are going to head the ball. You can choose if you want to take the risk of heading the ball. While I am debating whether or not these rules should be made, or if they are a pile of trash. It will probably take me a while to decide (:

Now is the time where I am completely going to share my opinion. It is crazy to me all of these rules that people think are going to help the game, but are just wasting valuable soccer time. There are places where we really do need soccer rules, but some of them are just bull crap. Trust me, I know. I have been playing soccer since I was two years old. My dad has been a soccer coach for as long as I can remember. I know a lot about soccer. But one thing that completely gets me is why we actually need more soccer rules. If people are worried about safety, then that is their problem. Soccer is a risk, and next thing you know, everybody is all worried, and there will just be more rules and everybody will be wearing headgear. Who wants that? Not me. Soccer is a risk that people choose to take. I just think it is completely crazy that most everyone thinks more rules are going to make the game all the better. I really do beg to differ. If you are reading this in like 10 years, then the rules will already be made. I am really wondering how the futer will effect soccer. Who knows? Lets just take the time to be happy with the rules as they are...

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