Hello, World
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I think everyone in the world should own at least 1 pet. There are lots of animals in the world at animal shelters. Did you know, that if the animal shelter runs out of space, they will kill the animals who have been there the longest? It's true! You should please to and get one.I love animals. I think that they are awesome.

Click here to see some cute animals. I have 3 pets. 1 dog, and 2 bunnies. I have a baby bunny, and a big bunny. The big bunny though, is not the baby bunnies mom. It's okay if you don't allow animals in your house. You don't need to adopt one. I just think that everyone should have the chance to feel the joy of owning an animal. Even if you are allergic to fur, it's okay. Don't worry. You can get some water animals like fish or frogs.

Here's some things that I like about animals and why I think you should adopt at least one animal
1)Animals bring joy when someone is sad or mad
2)Some animals will help you if you have disabilities
3)Animals will trust you and save you if you need
4)All kids have fun with animals no matter what they're doing with the animal they will have fun. (Just make sure the little kids won't hurt the animal)