Hello,world This is Some one you should not know of and you should never ever be a bully to anyone even if you are a cyber bully you should think about what you are doing and think what if someone did did this to you and then you think about it and when someone does it to you you will know how it feels to be and you dont like it Then you feel bad about how it hurts people even when you like doing it you shouldn't do it because it hurts other people's feelings they feel like the smallest person in the world.plus if you do this then it will hurt there parents because they think there child is great an lovable and they would think that they were mean to someone so they were mean back.
This is where i will put a picture of cyberbullying

Here are 3. weird thing about cyberbullying 1.most people who are bullied are most likely to do something dumb. 2.People who are bullied are most likely to become a bully or something worse . 3.most people who bullied another person usually do get a job when they grow up.