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I think you all would like to hear a little bit of video game history. I mean we all like video game and most of you would like to hear about that. Some of the greatest games in my opinion is some of the classics. Mario is one of the best known games ever. Starting out with the game Donkey Kong only available on an arcade machine. This great game was made by Shigeru Miyamoto. Instead of being named Mario he was named Jumpman. When the company that made Jumpman came out with there own entertainment system called “Nintendo Entertainment System”. That is the system were they made the all classic “Super Mario Bros.” It came out in 1985 and this game blew up! It was so popular and just the best game. And then another hit was everyone’s favorite Hedgehog, Sonic. This super blue Hedgehog can go great speeds and is just so cool. Created Aug. 14 1989. This game was made by SEGA® on the game system SEGA Genesis called Sonic the Hedgehog. This game had lots of designers like Yuji Naka, Naoto Ohshima, Yuji Uekawa, and the designers for SuperSmashBros Shigeru Miyamoto and also Produced by Shinobu Toyota. It was hard for the Sonic team to compete with the hit game, Super Mario Bros. But the game did really well! This button will make it change colors Click Here But it will not work

My favorite song Some of the earliest games were amazing at the time. But now looking at the games you may think they are boring. These games include pong and Snake. Pong was one of the earliest games ever. Basicly you were a paddle and you hit it to the other player and who ever made the mistake would lose. Here is a picture of the game.Also one of the earliest games was Snake. Basicly you are a snake and you have to eat to get bigger and every time you eat it adds a point to your score. You try to get the high score and you can not touch you own self and can not touch the wall or you will die. There has been a lot a consoles that let you play this game like on the Roku. Here is a picture of the game. So the gaming world has LOTS of people in the community and some people are better than others. Here are some of the best gamers of all time. Horror, one of the most loved types of games/movies. There is one game that has been said “Scariest game in years” YES I am talking about Five Nights At Freddy’s or Fnaf. This game is so scary compared to other games for the year 2014. But there is one Youtuber that has been dubbed “The King Of Fnaf” I am talking about Markiplier. He has blown up from this game. If you were to ask someone how to beat the game they may lead you to Markiplier. Although he is so good, he does not have too kid friendly commentary.
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I have talked about video games but I have not talked about the consoles too much. I would like to start out with my first gaming console and one of my favorites the Wii system. This box-like thing was the coolest system in in 2006. It had its own remote that was wireless and you could have up to four people playing at one time. You can also buy disks and put it into the disk drive and you can play any game. My personal favorite games from that are Super Mario Bros, Wii Sports, And Lego Star Wars (complete saga). It was really hard for other company to compete with this console. But one company did it and that system was the XBox 360 even tho it was made a year before it blew up after the Wii system started to die down. The first XBox was made in 2001 and was very weird. It was cool but not as loved as the XBox 360. So the Wii company knew that they needed to up their game. So they made a better version of the Wii called the “Wii Mini” released in 2012 But then the XBox people made the Xbox1. So the Wii people had to up it up again! So they made the newest version, the Wii U. But then the XBox came out with the XBox 1 s.

You don’t see as many adults playing video games then seeing kids because that is what the games are made for. But why are they so fun to kids? Well, to answer this question I went to www.quora.com/Why-do-kids-love-to-play-video-games-so-much.com and they say that it gives kids positive reinforcement you know makes em feel good and sometimes children can feel superior over their parents. Now most adults think that videogames are bad for you but sandbox games (Can do anything you want games) can boost your creativity.

So I have to give a big thanks to FootofaFerret. I got most of my info from him. Also Shout out to google for helping me also with research. And also thank the website www.quara.com/Whydokidsliketoplayvideogamessomuch(That is not a link)

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