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Science Behind OverClocking

What is Overclocking

Overclocking sends more power to the cpu/gpu/ram which makes it function better and output more megahertz and heat when you overclock anything it outputs more heat so you need to have a good cooling system from fans to water cooling. Overclocking the CPU

The cpu the gpu and the ram all have a special setting you can select in the BIOS to make each of them faster individually it’s called overclocking. So we know that all overclocking is just sending more power the the cpu/gpu/ram but how do they handle it? For this we are gonna use the cpu. There are 2 different main parts of the cpu the ALU has a number of components. The first is the arithmetic logic unit and the CU which manages the various components of the computer. The power going thru each one is not 50 50 it is actually sending more power the the ALU then CU. It sends 45 % of power to the CU and 55 % to the ALU. lets see a cpu overclocked CU has 150 watts of power and the ALU has 300 That's insane! It depends on what computer you have on how much power you can give to the cpu.

450$ budget gaming computer
A H110M-A motherboard. It is one of the best boards you can buy for a mini ATX form factor

The Fractal core 1000 Is perfect for a budget gaming pc. For only 30$, Ive used this for about 3 weeks now And it looks very nice and convenient.

The i3 6100 is a duel core cpu. But because of hyper threading so it acts as a quad core.

8 gigs if ddr4 AEGIS g.skill ram (Make sure to get one stick so you can add 1 more stick later down the road