Christmas Traditions

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Christmas at my house is awesome because we always have fun. We always use traditions and thats what I am going to tell you about. Here are my family traditions. We use a blanket and cover the opening of the stairs so we cant see anything. All of us kids always sleep downstairs in sleeping bags, and we stay up watching Christmas shows. (That's a common thing with everybody) In the morning when every kid is up and ready then we use our home phone and call our parents who are upstairs and tell them were ready. Then when our parents come down one by one from youngest to oldest us kids come upstairs. Our family also does family pixies its sort of like a 12 days of christmas thing heres how we do it. When its thirteen days till Christmas we chose someones name out of anything and whoever we chose is our pixie and we do something everyday for them. Then on Christmas Eve we give our pixies presents and figure out who has you.

So in all my family does pixies,
use a blanket to block of the stairs,
have all us kids sleep downstairs in sleeping bags,

we call our parents on a phone

and go upstairs youngest to oldest...
Then its Christmas! Those are our family traditions.