Hello World,
I think everyone in the world should like music. There is so many ways to express yourself in music. You can sing, dance, or play an instrument. I hope that nobody dislikes music the tiniest bit, because music is awesome! I love music! Music makes me happy and I'm sure it makes you happy too!

Singing, singing is by far my favorite thing to do in music! I love to sing, and do karaoke. Anyone can do it! I don't know about you, but when I'm singing I feel happy, like I can do anything. I feel amazing when I sing. I love to do things that make me happy, and singing is one of those things. There are even music careers! Or music/singing can just be your hobby. I can assure you that everyone in the world has sang at least once. (Unless they are a small child.)

Instruments, instruments are really cool! If you don't like one instrument don't worry about it there are a lot of instruments in the world. You can play the paino. You can play the violin. You can play the cello. You can play the tuba. You can play the flute. You can play a lot of instruments that I haven't named too! If you decide to play an instrument my suggestion to you is to learn to play the paino first, that will make playing most instruments easier. Playing an instrument is fun and entertaining!

Dancing is connected to music too! Have you ever tried dancing to the sound of nothing? It is very hard and not very fun. But dancing with music or dancing to music is a lot of fun! I love dancing, though I'm not good at it I still enjoy it! Dancing is fun and it makes me happy, and I like doning things that make me happy!

I hope that you now have a new appreciation for all music including dancing!