Hello, World!

I think people should never eat moldy things unless it is cheese except when it is so molded that it is black. Cheese is so awesome. It tastes better than dirt. Dirt is like toats my goats gross. Grossedy gross gross gross. Cheese is a happy thing to eat. When you eat it you should be filled with joy or you are a disgrace to mankind. Cheese is molded milk. Cheese tastes better than ham because it tastes good and ham is too sweet. If you don't like cheese you shouldn't be proud of yourself. Make sure to vote for me.

This is where I'll put a picture of a piece of cheese. Under that is a knife that you cut the cheese with.

Here are three names of cheeses...
1) Mozzarella
2) Cheddar
3) Swiss
Cheese is Awesome.
Here is some music

Here is an amazing Avatar quote. "When you look for the light you can often find it. When you look for the dark that is all you will see."

I am also a hardcore gamer.

President Trump