Hello World,

I wish people weren't naughty.😎 But it's nature and nature can't be stopped without bombs💥. :D but that is why Donald Trump exists and people hate him for that.I like him He is good.👍

my world

I love soccer! I am really good at soccer because I've played since I was 4 years old.

There are people in my school that are better than me at soccer, but I am in the best 10. It is still fun even though I will just go past almost anyone alone but I'm never alone I am always surrounded and I love it. But there are girls that always mess it up and bug me.

I also love these sports

My world/rc cars

I have a fast rc car it goes max 80 mph but that is only breaking a part every ten minutes so i only run it at 50 every time i drive something breaks and it is usually something in the transmission and that is hard to take apart.

Luckily the parts are always less that ten dollars. Recently i took it apart and didn't put a screw in the right place. The motor fell off and separated from the transmission. So the car stopped My car is still dirty from half a year ago and hoping to wash it off in the snow when I drive it.

They are really easy to drive once you get the hang of it. My cousins try to drive it but they are to young. That is the car I have the traxxas slash but here is the one I want.

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