Hello, World!

Have you ever been on a cruise? Because I have and it is so much fun. You make a lot of friends. But some of them can be mean or nice. On my cruise I went to Mexico. My cruises name was Carnival Miracle. I was so much fun! My family and my dads parents, and my moms parents came! One day they had a chocolate day were there is chocolate strawberries or chocolate cake, chocolate muffins, chocolate apples, anything that can have chocolate on it! One day I had 6 servings of chocolate and vanilla twist ice cream. But the next day after I had the 6 servings of ice cream in the night I felt like I was going to puke, and I also didn't eat anything that day. It was delicious! There was a swimming pool, but I hated the pool because it was salt water. They dumped out the water every night and put it back in the pool with the ocean water. When we finally got to Mexico when people were getting of the boat the part that you told them that you were living you got to get pictures with many different things but I got a picture with a parrot. At one of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta my sister got pooped on by a bird. The night and day that I was sick my other sister was sick too. But she missed a whole day. I got to see a lot of cool things in Mexico! But there was a kid group were you got to do activities. One of the activities were a scavenger hunt. You can go everywhere in the boat except elevators and the captains place and places where you know you couldn't go...

I I love cruises, and here are some reasons why...

1)You make a lot of friends
2)You can eat what ever you want
3)It is AWESOME and really fun

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I love soccer. I play it at every recess...


I LOVE dogs so much. Thats why I am going to talk about them on my web page. Dogs are kind of like my life. When ever I see a dog I always want to pet them or hold them.

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