Hello, world

This is were I will put my picture of a black labrador mix

Black labrador mixes are my favorite animals. They're my favorite because I used to have one but then my grandpa had to give her away to somebody else because she would always be stuck in her cage and we wouldn't let her out because we didn't have any fences. If we let her out she will run off and we would try to get her but my mom told me and my sisters to leave her alone and she would come back. My aunt Nicole said that at the police station she works at there was a retired police dog and so a few weeks later in the summer she brought him to my grandparents house and he was a golden labrador and his name was Newt. One day he ran away and she went out looking for him and then when she went somewhere he ran away and she didn't even care to go look for him and I thought that was sad.

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1)They're fun
2)They're playful
3)And they're super nice and they won't bite
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