Hello, World!

I think everyone in the world should be jerks to penguins and everyone who likes penguins should die in a hole. They should also make all the penguins go to Antartica.

Rouge one is the 2nd worst star wars movie ever made."the 1st is number 3"
#Everyone Dies
You have to watch it still because The blind guy is freakin beast.

These are some characters :Cherub the blind guy.
I am one with the force The force is with me
:Jen The main character
:Rebel pilot
:Imperial pilot.
:The imperial robot
:Cherub friend who has a machine gun

The next star wars coming out is star wars 8. rogue one is 3 1/2. Number eight is continuing Rey and Fins journey

I have heard rumors that rey turns bad

I do not believe these rumors and I think that it would be stupid if Rey turned bad because she is the main character

The same thing happen in 3 and 3 is the worst star wars ever made.

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