Hello, World!

Can I tell you how much I hate cats. They are cute when they are babys but they are very stuped. They will clim on your conter and clim your christmas tree. They are good pets if You are a cat person but they are very, well sometimes there nice but they are hard to take care of. But if you want other pets I bet I could find something wrong about every pet, YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR DROPINGS!
Do you know the Muffen man?
The muffen man is pretty cool. He loves everyone even if you are not buying his muffen's.

Here are 3 reasons why you should know the Muffen man....

1) He is Fat
2) He sells muffens
3) He is cool
4) He wheres amazing hat
5) He has a short wife

I want a unicorn! Have you seen Moana? It is a super good movie. The chicken is my favorit.

He has a mind of his own. I also like baby Moana.

It is a great movie. If you haven't seen it you should go see it.Here are three reasons why...

1) Baby Moana is adorable.
2) It has a good meaning.
3)The chicken is amazing.

She has to face cocanuts.

She gets a friend.

Wach it!!

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