Hello, World!

I Want A Puppy For Christmas! I Love Football And Dance! My favorite food is shrimp. My favorite color is blue! Some times Me and my brother go out side and play football! And I play football at school. We play it a wird way. But it is fun! And how I like it, is by watching a lot of foot ball games. By going to my brothers and watching it on t.v. my dads favorite team alabama. We watch it a lot I watch lot of football.

I do 10 hours of dance I get so tiered! I do 3 hours of ballet, 3 hours of jazz, and 1 hour of hiphop, 2 hour of Broadway, 1 hour of tumbling.

And i do violin it takes 3 hours 1 hour to get up 1 there and 1 back. My life is crazy!

I have 8 people in my family and my oldest brother has a dog! But he moved to Arkansas! I hav 3 brothers Jackson age 13, Lincoln age 9, Elias age 27! I have 2 sisters Mykol(sister in-la) 27, Mckinley age 6. And a Mom and dad!

back-hand-springs it is soft if you fall on your head!

I got A Puppy For Christmas!

1) I will take care of a puppy
2) I will clean up after it
3) I will be responsible