Hello, World

I think everyone in the world should know that Apple is a company. Also that there are a lot of different types of apples.If you are bored then let us talk about Apple the Company.
This is what the Apple logo is:

Apple is a company and it is one of the largest companys in the world. Here is a few things that apple has made.
4. iPod
5.Apple Watch
6. Apple TV
7.iPad Mini
11.Final Cut Pro
12.Logic Pro
14.And MacBook things

Here are some other things or facts.

Apple was founded on April 1, 1976

In early 2015, Apple became the first ever $700 billion company. More recently, Apple overtook Google as the most valuable brand in the world.

One of the original Apple computers sold for more than $387,000 in 2013.

The iPhone was almost named something else, with the company considering names such as Mobi, Telepod, and Tripod. The name “iPad” was also considered for its smartphone.

China is currently Apple’s second biggest market, trailing only the United States. Revenue in China grew to nearly $17 billion in the second quarter of 2015.

Despite the fact that he was the founder of the company, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985 at the tender age of 30.

Apple is pretty secretive. The company is said to have created fake projects for employees and management to work on.(Ok that is creepy) If the news leaks, you can hit the road. They’ll know exactly who spilled the beans.

The original Apple logo was designed by co-founder Ronald Wayne, who worked at Atari along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and is nothing like the one the company uses today.

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Here is a picture of the original Apple logo

Siri sends everything to Apple, that you say to it which is analyzed and stored.

A secret Easter Egg was present in first iPod. Which is a game that can be accessed if you knew the correct combination of buttons to press. The path is go to about menu, hold the center button for 3 seconds and see the magic.

You might think of them only as fierce competitors, but Apple and Samsung have a different sort of relationship. Samsung actually manufactures the retina display on the Apple iPad and a portion of the memory chips used in the iPhone 6 (though Apple has cut back on its reliance on Samsung).

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