Lemon Facts and info

I like lemons!! Lemons are pretty sour, but you should know that. They are good for your heath. Lemon peels are good for some different reasons. You can put them in your sink and turn on the disposal and it will crush the lemon peels into some good smells. Lemons also make good lemonade and sell it. I you put a lemon with a glass of water it will taste different. That is some things about lemons!!

Here is some facts about lemons...
1) They are yellow.
2) They are sour.
3) They are in a soda called sprite.
4) You can buy lemon juice.
5) Lemons look just like limes.
6) Lemons are grown.
7) Lemons are peoples favorite food.
Have fun knowing these lemon facts :)

Here is a link for more lemon facts

Here is a picture of a lemon to show your what it looks like...