🐎 Hello, World!🐎

I think that everyone should learn Chinese. Chinese is awesome. So is English. They are both one of the hardest languages in the whole wide world!

I love horses. Horses are awesome too. I also like Pokemon. If I didn't get the pokemon card Blitzle, I wouldn't be obsessing over Pokemon. I just got Pokemon Sun. Its really exciting. But my dad took away my 3DS so I can't play it. Which I suppose is okay. I can wait. I am a very patient child. Well, not too patient but still, I can wait.

I take piano lessons, gymnastics, horseback riding, and Chinese lessons. Yes yes, I know, I may be Chinese, but my Chinese isn't all that good.

Well, click here to see my music page. It is not working right now. :3

Horses are elegant. They look like the picture. As you can see, I really like horses. I watch MLP. If you don't know what that means, SHAME. But I'm proud of being a horse lover.