Hello, World! world this is my story
this is a picture of triggered temmie

this is a picture of monster kid

this is a picture of flowey getting the six souls

this is the crew

this is the beast called the thing

The story of Undertale, Weirdly. THE TRUE STORY!!!1.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Here are 3 reasons why you wouldn't understand my story
1) It's undertale
2) It's weird
3) It's made by a weird creator

Little frizk fell on his face like the monster kid then a flower tried to kill him but then a goat in a dress came and also tried to kill him Frisk said “momma is that you” goat was like” heck no, I’m your dad. frisk was like wwhhhaaattttttt frisk almost had a heart attack then he met papyrus the hippie hobo with his rich brother (sans) they didn’t like each other then the hippie met frisk he exploded sin’s he always wanted to capture a human. The human was gotta go faster faster faster faster faster then frisk was like you're too slow and fell in a hole where he saw the flower again he stepped on it then flowey exploded and died, then frisk finds a secret door but he fly’s through a mountain instead and finds undye jumping of the mountain throwing a spear but undye has gills and dies, but the spear teleports into frizk but his Father/Mom Blocks it, frizk starts crying bombs that kills toriel more, then he finds megadong/mettaton he kills frisk with a polka dot, he explodes but it was gaster he died, while frizk found alphys also know as twitter face. twitter face lied so much he turned into pinocchio and died with frizk’s mom/dad they died more while they were dead then frisk met asgore the most powerful boss then a flower ate him then he turned into mega Flowey he was so evil he touched the child everyone got so mad but, then the monster kid trips and falls on flowey. flowey exploded again and died again while exploding little goat kid asriel turns into a beast called something, then asriel tries to kill everybody, but fails because temmie eats him, then temmie spits the world out and everything is temmie, and stuff, but after temmie ate the world and spit it back evrey thing was temmie. TEM END.(the end get IT PEOPLE) (*breaks keyboard*) NO QUESTIONS ASKED. ;) After everyone was temmie the people were having an awesome temmie time and and after a whole bunch of aliens exploded earth except earth didnt explode so after they all went to go find meggadong after he exploded he got fixed then he killed the aliens except the aliens killed him monster kid trips on their ufo the UFO explodes then the medicine came falling out of they sky and after they came out of the sky everyone was healed but tem was mad and she could speak right so after frizk went to go kill temmie but temmie killed frisk with his magical word called magic (pig noises) and then temmie was the ruler but frizk had a secret weapon MONSTER KID but flowey ate temmie and as you know monster kid landed on flowey.Flowey exploded and then fell to a hole that was torture for a flower it was JUSTIN BIEBER but shrek was there too READING IT flowy died and exploded 2 times frizks Mom/dad found frizk frizk say you my mamma M8 mom/dad saided LOL NO M8 you too stupid frizk cried he went to undyne and undyne stabbed asriel frizk mom/dad destroyed undyne like shootdawhoop she/he sharged her lazer and exploded undyne but as always monster kid fell on frizk mom/dad then flowey came back to life frizk mom/dad body landed on flowey flowey exploded again temmie came back she tried to eat the whole world but twitter face uses megadong to kill temmie. Temmie went flying into space after megadong used her dong to push him then they all lived happy but frizk was sad he had no mom/dad goat and everyone killed sans because he touched the child papyrus was MAD AT sans and he grew a flower then a flowey came back to life flowey ate sans and the JUSTIN BIEBER MAGAZINES THEN SHREK GOT MAD AND EVRYONE TURNED TO SHREK THE SHREK but JUSTING BIEBER ATE THE WORLD TEMMIE ATE JUSTIN BIEBER AND FRIZK KILLED TEMMIE THE WHOLE THING STARTS AGAIN> THE FREAKING TEM but whats dis a new font M8 what is dis said temmie then she relized that all of the monster from the underground went to the surface temmie was furiouse and then temmie had a MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!1 font but then shrek came and looked at temmie in the eye temmie was like do you wanna play call of duty the return of shrek then temmie and shrek became scary friends then end except flowey exploded when he saw shrek lololollolololololololololololollolollo.
Game over
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