Hello, World!


make sure that you read this because you will LOVE IT! Once upon a time there was a kitten. The kitten was very cute. One day the kitten was sleeping on the arm of the couch. Right as I walked into the room I saw the kitten sliding off the couch! I tried to save the kitten, but the kitten fell to fast for me to grab. the kitten hit the floor and started to barf out rainbows! when I saw the kitten barfing out rainbows I started to barf out rainbows also. So we barfed out rainbows happily ever after.


Here are three reasons why kitty's are cute.

1 They play around.
2 They are funny.
3 Some are small and fluffy.

Hello! Again

Here is a really good picture of ribs! Ribs are my Favorite kind of meat. I like to eat ribs with barbecue sauce! If you look close enough you can see a picture of CORN.

I like to play the XBOX. My favorite game on the xbox is Grand Theft Auto 5! if you don't know what an xbox looks like look down.

If you want to see pictures of cute pandas look down!

Make sure that you read the words on the PICTURES