Hello, World

I love Christmas, my family also always gets the best Christmas imaginable. OK maybe not the best and most imaginable but it is usually awesome. I think that everyone in the world should at least have 1 chance to celebrate Christmas with there family. Many people don't ever have the chance to. It is December 2016 my parents brought up the topic of helping another family and giving them a Christmas. I hope we do it but we probably won't. For Christmas my siblings and I get many presents. And other kids don't get any presents or get to see a beautiful tree decorated with presents stacked below it. On Christmas many people don't even have shelter. I think that everybody should deserve a shelter though. To be out in the blazing sun or out in the freezing snow is not very fun so we should help other people and get them shelter. Many people need help in this world so we should help them. As I open my presents every Christmas I don't think that a lot of people don't get to do this ever, and when I don't get what I want I sometimes get mad at my mom and dad or I am not grateful. But then when I relise that I am so lucky I like to think how lucky I am and then I want to help others. I wish I could do more but at my age I can't really. But we should all encourage out parents to help.œ I mean like not give all your stuff away to some random hobo. But to even do Christmas for a poor family. I know someone who they always did Christmas for someone else when they were young. So this person was in some bad conditions when she was older. When someone else got them presents and did Christmas for them that year it really touched her heart. So I think that we should help someone else every year. I give you a challenge to help someone this year. Wether it is Christmas time or not. I don't think we should get them anything to expensive like a puppy.