Hello Amazing World!

Star Wars

I went to see the new Star Wars Rogue One. It was so cool. If you have not seen it, I would scroll down and look at something else because I am going to talk about it. I can't belive the end of the story. Yes it makes sense that they all had to die but that was very sad. Darth Vader looked so cool at the end. Princess Leia look very weird because they had to take moments from the 4th movie and put it in the the new movie. It was a little trippy. I can't belive Carrie Fisher died. How are they going to put it in the next movie?

Epic Fails

I hope you enjoy these epic fails.


I think the snow looks amazing on the mountains. I love how the sun reflects of of the snow. My favorite thing to do is ski. My favorite ski resort is Brighton Ski Resort. One time my dad wanted to spray my uncle and there was a big clump of powder behind my uncle. My dad went over there and his ski sinked into the powder with all of his weight on it and did a flip and fell. Luckily it was in the powder! I was laughing so hard I fell and I couldn't get up because I was laughing to hard. It was awesome.

I love winter. Here are three reasons why...

1. It is fun to play in
2. Snow tastes delicious
3. After, I can go inside and have some hot chocolate


I have a dog named Max. He is the cutest dog you have ever seen. Well he used to be mine. We gave Max to my Grandma. We watch him when my Grandma goes on vacations. The picture isn't really Max but it is a look alike. Isn't he so cute?


I love to play soccer. At recess I play soccer even if it is muddy, snowy, rainy, or an average day. My favorite thing to play is defense. My dad played it too. He can help me on my ball control and my shooting. At recess we play World Cup. I like it because it helps me be better at offense. I LOVE SOCCER!!!!!


I love my baby brother Hunter! He is so cute. I love to hold him because he is so cute. Hunter has this sickness were he drinks a bottle and some of it stays in his throat. Then he spits it up. It is called reflex. He hates his medicine and spits it out when he takes it. He is only 2 and half years old and he is an angel. When I get sick it is the end of the world for me because I can't hold him. But I love to spend time with him every day. He is the cutest brother I could ever have.

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