Hello, World!

I think EVERYONE in the world should CORRECTLY eat a kit kat.

They do not deserve to be bitten without being broken first.
I don't think you would want to be responsible for WW3.
I mean, if you really want to though.... go ahead...

Other than that, here's how to correctly eat a kit kat:

1. Take off the wrapper.

2. Throw away the wrapper. [Please]

3. Break the kit kat into separate pieces.

4. Eat the pieces that you separated. [Yey]

5. Once it is consumed, dance around like a unicorn in space.

If you have followed these steps so far, it should look like this:

Note: The wrapper is still on just to demonstrate

And if you haven't followed the directions and feel like being responsible for WW3, it should look like this:

Lastly, Enjoy life because, now you know how to eat a kit kat without starting WW3! :D