Hello, World!

This is a nerdy web page so be prepared. You have been warned!

The first topic will be RPGs, and no not the rocket launcher, R.ole P.lay G.ames!

So, RPGs are one of the many topics of the nerdy world. The greatest RPG in the WORLD is D&D.
Dungeons and Dragons was originated when a group of friends wanted to be in the worlds of Tolkien and other fantasy authors.
They just wrote some rules and made characters and started playing.

The most helpful tool is your dice. Like in other games of make believe, you don't have evidence about your actions. The dice allow you to be more succesful in situations than others. The most helpful die is the D20.
The D20 is a twenty sided die, it looks like this.

It allows you to calculate pretty much anything. I'm not 'gonna go into the topic of mathematics on this right now, but the D20 can calculate percents and everything else.

Your dice set has seven dice:
The D4
The D6
The D8
The D10
The D12
The D20
and lastly, the percentile die.

For more of Dungeons and Dragons go to dnd.wizards.com

Next is the topic of The Lord of the Rings. I always had this idea for a remix of it called The Lord of the Rings. Like this:

Just replace the guy proposing with Gimli, and then the girl would be Legolas.

Next, is the subject of Homestar Runner. It is a website of funny characters, great downloads, and lots of videos.
The main star is Strong Bad. His show is Strong Bad Emails.
He is great! First you should check out one of the three:

Trevor the Vampire
I Love You

To check out Homestar Runner take this link---> Homestar Runner