Hello, World!

This is where I will put my picture...

I think everyone in the world should be nice to other people. If we don't be nice to people then we won't have many friends. Always be a nice person. Trust me you don't want to loose a friend. Being nice is fun if you think about it.

Just FYI you really don't want to loose any friends because you will be a loner at recess. Don't ask me why to to be nice just be nice. If you don't know the GOLDEN rule you will know it right now. "Do unto others and you would have others do unto you." That is the GOLDEN rule! NOW FOLLOW IT!!!

If you are nice to other people they should be nice to you. Sometimes that doesn't work with and I know because of experience so don't belive to much. People in life will get bullied so if you don't want that to happen just be NICE.

Here are 3 Things About Being Nice...

1)If you are nice you will have many friends.

2)You will NEVER loose friends.When I say NEVER I mean NEVER.

3)You will be ANYONES friend for as long as you can IMAGINE!

Please, just be nice to everyone.

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