Hi, my name is Mankey Monkey. I am a pink and purple ti-died monkey. My best firend is named Hippy Hippo. He is a purple and pink ti-died hippo.

Once there was a monkey named Mankey Monkey. He got lost in the woods. Then he saw a orange juice whole. So he went to get a drink of orange juise. When he was getting a drink of orange juice, he was taking very big gulps. He opened his eyes, and there in the water,(in frunt of him) was a hippo. he said aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Oh it is just you. You scared me to death. Oh this is Hippy Hippo. ( Mankey is talking to you.) he is my very bestest friend. Get in the orange juice Mankey it feels great. No thank you, I don't like to swim in orange juice. Then he pulled Mankey into the ORANGE JUICE!!!! How sad. Then Mankey said "I can not swim!" Come and rescue me Hippy. Then Hippy came and rescued me. Then he put me on the ground and he layed next to me. Then something bad happend we fell asleep. I mean realy asleep. Sad huu. Then the Next day my mom came to find me and saw me and Hippy on the ground and she said "Mankey, Hippy you are going to be late for school." But she did not know that we were asleep. I mean realy asleep. Then she got down and got realy close to my ear. She said realy lowdly "MANKYE, HIPPY GET UP NOW!!!!" Then I got up realy fast and ran to school and then Hippy woke up and saw how mad my mom was so he ran to scool also. THE END>

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