Welcome all cat owners! And other peoples of the same kind!

HELP! I'm being chased by a giagantic doggy!

Do you have a cat? Do you listen to that poor creature? Well you should! Cats have feeling's too! Whether your name is Victoria and you think you rock the world or if your name is Nerdy Nancy who is the biggest nerd in the world, you should have a cat! There is a website called bonsaikitten.com and it put's kitties (Very pretty female and male kitties) in bottles! It is disgusting and horrible! Please treat your kitty well!! Do you have a kitty? Do you play the poor baby cat? and feed him well? You should! Whether your name is Tanner Hot Man and you are hot or your name is Geeky Gerard and you are a big geek who will someday marry Nerdy Nancy, you should have a cat! Remember, never leave your pretty kitty with your gigantic doggy like a lazy person did to that doomed kitty in the picture up there. Did you know a mother cat can only have up to eight kittens? You should also know to bring the kittens and the mother inside because the father will kill all the kittens and eat the males. It is disgusting. So always be on your gaurd. Why don't you check out a page on the ferocious cats called tigers? There will still be text and advice for your cats safety. Did you know that the best food for cats has to be especially good for their delicate mouths and strong teeth? Well they do! Go ask PetsMart!!!

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